Rockycafe, Singapore

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Rockycafe / Rocky咖啡馆

The entire building is designed and constructed with steel-steel frame and removal modular steel platforms, steel columns, steel rib structure roof frame and titanium-zinc standing seam roof. The food preparation and counters are oval in shape with perforated 3mm thk steel panels and 12mmthk tempered glass in segmented panels.

Steel is used for the beauty of design that allows off-site fabrication and tight on-site installation. The entire installation on site is 75 days inclusion wet work for foundation, electrical and plumbing works. This part of Orchard Road has extremely high pedestrian visibility, high pedestrian circulation & high demand for good  urban street treatment requirement. The use of steel for its beauty of expression as it allows elegant structure with slim columns to review  “street transparency” that show its  activity,  the building & street activities beyond.

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