Hebei Cangzhou City Cangdong Industrial park, China

a+p shanghai | 上海

Hebei Province Cangzhou City Cangdong industry zone planning

This project is located at the west of Hai River. The masterplan has incorporated sports theme, business office, administrative offices, business headquarters, health services, housings, shopping and leisure as a all-in one masterplan design.

Location: Cangzhou
Site Area: 780 hectares




项目位于海河道以西,珠江道以东,泰山路以北,嵩山路、西樵路、廖家洼河以南地块。以健康, 运动为主题,集商务办公、行政办公、总部经济、健康居住、购物休闲为一体的综合性多功能时尚运动之城。

项目位置:沧州, 河北

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