Hainan WenChang Planning, China

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Hainan wenchang Literacy Town

The project at Hainan WenChang district, consists of 185146 square meters for the phase A , whilst phase B consists of 244265 square meters.
For the materplanning, low rise residential and service apartments are planned to be built to accommodate the needs of the development.

When the project has finished, we are hoping that this area will be as what we wanted it to be. Which is pedestrian friendly, people orienteed, equivalence and sustainable financially and being able to deliver an area which has diversified cultural atmosphere.
Location: Wenchang, Hainan
Site area: 429996 sqm



本项目位于海南省文昌市清澜高隆湾旅游度假区,一期规划总用地面积185146.5平方米,二期规划总用地面积244265.3平方米,拟建低层 住宅和酒店式公寓。本案贯彻“以人为本”、“均好性”与“可持续发展”思想,以塑造环境、景观与人和谐的生态度假居住空间环境为规划目标,建设一个布局合 理、功能完善、交通便捷、具有优美度假环境和丰富文化内涵、具有现代物质文明的度假居住区。
(合作方: 四川众恒)
规划用地面积:429996 sqm

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