GaoXiang TianQiao City, NanJing

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TianQiao City

TianQiao small town is located at NanJing’s GaoXiang area.

By analyzing the surrounding of the area, we have come out with the idea of creating an identity township which incorporates 2 main core area that will be surrounded with local cultural hub and international hub which then will be developed into a mixed development for the future of NanJing.



在对漆桥镇周边环境与自身文化资源充分解读的基础上,规划提出 “城镇名片”与“门户形象”2大核心议题,围绕核心议题与漆桥古村落、国际慢城大环境规划漆桥镇特色定位为“江南儒家名镇、高溧商贸综合区、高淳生态宜居新市镇”,并提出“北优南显”的规划策略。



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